Is your project OZ-ready?


basic Real Estate regulations

A real estate project in an OZ may be eligible if:

  • It was acquired from an unrelated individual after December 31, 2017

  • The investment will result in the “substantial improvement” of tangible property

  • Cash is deployed within 31 months

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basic operating Business regulations

In addition to the basic real estate regulations, an operating business in an OZ may be eligible if:

  • >50% of its employee hours, employee compensation, and/or tangible property is in the OZ

  • >40% of its intangible property is used in the OZ

  • It is not a “sin business”

Note: The bullets above offer a very brief overview of the Opportunity Zone regulations. Unfortunately, the full regulations are dense and complex. Fortunately, your project may be able to qualify even if it doesn’t appear to at first glance. Opportunity Virginia can help you think through your unique situation…or point you to a creative lawyer who can.

How do you get an OZ investment?


Create A pitch deck

Creating a pitch deck is an essential step the capital-seeking process. It requires a substantial investment of time, energy, and brainpower, but it allows you to showcase your project and stand out from the crowd among investors.


Project sponsors can utilize Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) in a number of ways: create your own, pool capital among any number of private partners, or find an existing fund in search of projects like yours.

How can Opportunity Virginia help?

The experts at Opportunity Virginia can assist you in the effort to get your project off the ground, discovered, and funded. We can help you access a network of developers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, banks, investors, and other sources of know-how and capital. We’ll help with issues such as:

  1. Determining Opportunity Zone eligibility

  2. Understanding the investment process and timeline

  3. Connecting you with like-minded, eager investors and community advocates

  4. Increasing visibility of your project

  5. Locating other incentives and financing for the capital stack


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