Why should you invest in Virginia’s Opportunity Zones?


Defer, reduce, and even eliminate capital gains tax.

Tax on capital gains that are reinvested into Opportunity Zones are deferred until 2026 and can be reduced by up to 15%. At the 10-year mark, tax on capital gains from your OZ investment are eliminated completely.


Change the community you care about.

You can turn a vision into action with the investment you make in your community. Transform the lives of your neighbors while earning a financial return.


Create a measurable difference.

Opportunity Zone investments can create jobs, increase affordable housing, improve access to broadband, and more. The impact you create can be felt for generations, and Opportunity Virginia will help you measure it.


How can opportunity Virginia help?

The Opportunity Virginia team can guide you through the OZ investment process. We provide investors with knowledge and resources that will help you:

  • Find projects that will make an impact on your community or cause

  • Identify or start a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF)

  • Navigate and explore Virginia’s Opportunity Zones

  • Engage with a productive, enthusiastic OZ network

  • Locate other incentives and financing for the capital stack


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