What roles do communities play?


Your voice matters. Let’s amplify it.

Communities are often in the best position to talk about needs within Opportunity Zones. You’re in touch with economic leaders, investors, developers, and - most importantly - citizens. Let’s get your voice heard so we can maximize awareness and impact.


Devising a strategy

Garnering OZ attention isn’t as simple as being a great community. You need a custom strategy to get projects shovel-ready. Your plan should consider factors such as local economic incentives, permitting, and marketing.


The importance of a prospectus

A comprehensive and attractive community prospectus is one of your most essential tools. It serves as the window into your town or city and explains what makes it special. Investors look to these presentations for guidance concerning how to make an impact.


How can the Opportunity Virginia team help?

Opportunity Virginia is working hard to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to promote your community. We’ll walk you through the essential steps, covering issues like:

  1. Convening and educating community stakeholders about the OZ program

  2. Developing and using a prospectus

  3. Getting connected with a pool of investors

  4. Promoting the needs of all stakeholders, including citizens

  5. Getting projects investment-ready